Suppliers and specialist supporters

Supporting local and international companies is important to Qwest, here are just a few of
the companies who have been involved in the making of the Tesla Estate.

Ashton’s Classics

Ashton’s Classics has over 30 years of experience and expertise.  Offering a comprehensive and bespoke Car, Commercial & Leisure Vehicle Body Repair & Restoration service, ranging from insurance accident claims, to fabrication and restoration projects.

Ashton’s have the expertise in paint that means that we have no doubts or worries when it comes to the colour finish of our cars. Painstakingly preparing the carbon fibre to bond perfectly to the multiple layers of primer, colour, and lacquers that have a quality of finish reserved for mirrors and glass.

Codem Composites Ltd Based in Huntingdon

The motorsport industry provides a fast moving research and development platform which enables Codem to access the latest materials and processes and test them in a live theatre.

Motorsport, and particularly Formula One, is synonymous with a pioneering mindset and a requirement for continuous improvement from within their own organizations and those companies who support them

Codem where a chosen for the complex carbon fibre structures that had to be produced with exceptional quality and repeatability for the ability to manufacture a large number of these vehicles.

Working with them on the design of the mould tools for serviceability through to CNC machining them out of high grade Epoxy. The parts were manufactured to limit post processing and provide for many feature parts a high lustre and visible carbon weave as a signature of QWest’s position as a Carbon fibre coach builder.

KubeBond UK 

CHOOSE NanoTech has developed a line of consumer coating solutions for professional auto detailing: KubeBond. The key factor for KubeBond is the Revolution Bonding Technology (RBT), which has excellent bonding strength with the coated surface forming a hard cubic ceramic layer.

KubeBond protects surfaces from damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals. The hydrophobic effect makes it easy-to-clean. It also makes it harder for dust and dirt to adhere to the paint, without affecting the look or feel of it.

For QWEST KubeBond was a must, the protection properties, shine and performance/efficiency benefits were a perfect fit for our no-compromise drive on this project and QWEST is really pleased to have KubeBond providing the ultimate finishing touches both inside and out.

N-TEK Engineering

N-TEK Engineering established in 1987 in Lowestoft, have prided themselves on helping customers no matter how big or how small in their engineering needs, N-TEK is a traditional engineering “Jobbing” shop. Covering Norfolk and Suffolk primarily N-Tek takes pride in combining old-fashioned techniques with new and modern methods and believe customer satisfaction is a priority.

Manufacturers of one-off products to small production batches right through to repair or replacement of parts, N-Tek are experienced in machining Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Bronzes, Brasses and plastics. N-TEK Engineering Services offers a fast, efficient machining & repair service to cover all of your machining requirements. 

N-TEK were able to take the 3D CAD data for specific components and machine these parts from high grade billet aluminium.

Pilkington Automotive

Pilkington Automotive offers a complete range of glazing solutions, from initial design to final product, with a comprehensive portfolio of glass products and glazing systems.

Pilkington were the clear choice for Qwest and have been working closely throughout the various phases of predesign through engineering to production and homologation of the glass for multi geographical markets.


S-CAN is a leading force in providing 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and Inspection services in the UK.

They assisted Qwest throughout the project, providing 3D scanned data of the original Tesla Model S donor cars as well as potential donor parts. This gave us an accurate 3D model which we could design around, while getting constant checking feedback of fitment and clearances.  

S-CAN have also provided 3D printed models of the various designs and shaped we’ve tried.


Westcotec is a leading technology company based in Dereham, Norfolk, specialising in the manufacture of vehicle activated signs.

Westcotec offer a wide range of energy efficient products designed to help keep people safe on the road. Standard design products include speed activated signs as well as warning and detection systems, while the expert team can create tailor-made products to meet the needs of our clients.

Their products are also suitable for use in commercial settings such as warehouses, depots, or car parks, to further enhance safety.